Frequently Asked Questions

Recology Cleanscapes SF - Landscape ServicesLandscapes:

Do you perform residential work?
We care for properties that are owned by Condominium Associations, but we do not care for single family, duplexes or similar size residential properties.

Our office building features interior plants and cut flower arrangements in our lobby. Is this something your firm does?
We care for interior plants, including living interior color such as azaleas, bromeliads, orchids and anthuriums. We do not supply cut flower arrangements, but we can create beautiful, artful arrangements for placement on reception and security desks and seating areas. These arrangements feature orchids and other tropical plants placed amongst beautiful natural structural components that will last for several weeks.

Do you rent interior plants?
We do not use the rental business model for interior plants. We sell the plants, planters and planter trimmings (fresh green Spanish moss), and warranty all living plants for 90 days. We will help you select plants that are appropriate for each location in your office, be it a bright conference room or a dimly lit interior office.

What about holiday decorations?
We can work with your decorator in supplying a wide variety of beautiful Poinsettias for your holiday d├ęcor. Other plants that are frequently used in holiday arrangements include white azaleas, and blue hydrangeas. We will also supply the maintenance necessary to keep the plants healthy and vibrant through the holiday season.

Can you work with LEED requirements?
We supply materials (plants and soil) locally whenever possible, and since we are a Recology company, we take great pride in our recycling efforts. We are continually assisting property managers in obtaining and maintaining their LEED certifications, and subscribe fully to the environmental responsibility that is the cornerstone of the LEED rating system.