Outreach & Education

The success we have with our programs is a result of the innovations and partnerships we have with local governments, local businesses, and residents.  Where some people see garbage, Recology sees the opportunity to reduce waste.

Service to Communities

Recology strives to provide excellent services.   As employee owners, we endeavor to support the communities where we live and work in many ways.  We partner with small businesses by purchasing local goods and services whenever possible and we hire directly from the communities we serve.



We understand that education is key to taking care of our planet.  Our education programs increase public awareness about resource recovery, bring together employees from all levels of the organization to understand the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling, while expanding our sense of community, and enabling the public to see garbage in a different light.

We are also committed to community involvement through a variety of art and volunteer programs.  We encourage you to work with us to continue to improve our communities as education and information are important components of our joint success.

Working together, residents, businesses, and Recology employees can WASTE ZERO.